The auction has been rescheduled to Saturday, June 13th

2019 PHS Boosters Auction was a success ! Thank you Prairie community for your support.
​We are looking forward to the 2020 Auction!

Where Your Money Goes.... 2018/2019 School Year Spending Update

In the last six years we've given the ASB over $278,000 to support Prairie Athletics & Clubs. We are excited to share some of the awesome ways PHS Booster Club was able to give back to the school and the students/teams/clubs in the 2018/2019 school year ! Also, you can discover french student residence in Nice here :

  • 17 State Championships banners were renovated and re-hung in the gym
  • Spirit flags were purchased and handed out to fans at various events to be used at assemblies and sporting events
  • A Sound Director system was purchased for playing music at games and assemblies
  • Funds were provided to the Speech & Debate team for their trip to State
  • A donation was made to Invested
  • A donation was made to support Inspire Week/Dude Be Nice Initiative
  • A donation was made to support a scholarship fund for ASB cards for students who can't afford them
  • A donation was made to help fund a PHS all staff luncheon
  • A 10x10 pop-up tent was purchased for the school to use as needed at events
  • Over $63,000 was raised at the 2019 Auction to support Prairie Athletics! A check was given to ASB for them to disburse. Money raised from the auction is distributed into one of four categories: Individual athletic program accounts; 3 year uniform rotation; Fund-a-Falcon (account for athletes that can't afford the participaiton fee); Paddle-Raise funds went toward updating the sound system in the gym.
  • 2017/2018 School Year :
  • Scoreboards
  • Clubs at PHS
  • New wrestling mats
  • The Falcon Mural at the Tennis Courts at PHS
  • The Pride Banners in the Parking Lots at PHS
  • The Falcon at District Stadium

We do all this by raising funds from Concessions at the Friday night football games, selling fan gear, and the Annual Auction! Thank you Falcons for your support of the Prairie High School Boosters !

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